Sunday, July 03, 2011

Amination part 2.

Finished this scene to full colour last Wednesday.

Calculated the entire character animation (from sketch to full colour) took about 18hrs. Wowzers.
I was showing some online friends and they didn't believe me when I said that. So I made a breakdown of the process to show them how much work went into it.

On the upside I finished a second scene on Friday and I've almost finished a third. I'm getting faster at this. 4 scenes left to go :)

This isn't for my major either by the way. I should do some work on that.


  1. Yes, do some work on your major project as well, please.

    This project looks pretty good and I think seeing the process is fantastic.

    The stair climb suggests a very light character. I like to feel a bit of anticipation in the reverse direction to the step up on each step to get more sense of weight. If working at 24fps that would be a slight antic on the character core (centre of gravity) about 2 to 3 frames before the up arc.

    You probably worked on twos? Or on ones at 12fps? Great to see you stopped the camera pan before the 2D character entered. That would have saved some technical wrangling.

  2. Beautiful Scheree! You've been working hard :). I love the timing of the hesitation and pauses. I think she needs a bit more bounce to her flight up the stairs, and perhaps some more overshoot at the end? Excellent staging