Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Round and round and round I go,
Spinning like atop
Round and round and round I go,
Hope I'll never stop.
HB lead pacer; A4
The kids came in to work today and I started drawing them pictures to try cheer them up. I didn't manage to get this done before they left so I promised to have it for tomorrow.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Hip Hip hoorah.

This has been sitting here for quite some time so I am finally putting it to good use :)

That and I have seen alot of people I look up to do these things so here I be, doing it to.

Welcome to the start of my art blog, Splatastic Ink.

More drabble later. Time to sleep.


Had a flyer about whale tours in front of me, resulted in a whale boy who I have named Kobu. The seahorse girl is named Corel.
HB lead pacer; A4

Self portrate. Drawn during staff meeting. A very long staff meeting.
Ballpoint pen; A5