Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Last post I put up some progression shots of a shirt I was making. Well it's now finished and it is awesome!

Materials: Plain white shirt, sketched onto with 2b pencil and coloured with fabric markers. Light box used for tracing logo's.
Time taken: uhh 4-5 hours over 3 weekends while watching movies
Other details: Front has the Ratatouille logo and characters from the film (Remy, Emile, Linguini and Colette); Left Sleeve has the shadow of Luxo Jnr from the Pixar logo; Back has the Pixar logo and reads PIXAR animation studios fan. (and has plenty of room for signatures)

I've never worked with markers like this before so I experimented quite a bit. Hence why Linguini has three extra shades to his skin.

as I said over at deviantART

I am such a geek.

and here's the progression shots from the last post compiled nicely.

Also a painting.

Actual size: 10x15 cm
Tools: tablet, photoshop

It's of a friend from work. I hope she doesn't know I did it. I wanna try do the whole office before letting everone know.
Actully finished it a while ago. It's the very first painting I did which got me interested in the style, so it's more a practise. I'm gonna do another better one of her :)
Painting's alot more fun than I originally thought. Then again this is digital compared to traditional.