Sunday, August 09, 2009

deviantART post

Some not-so-old stuff :)

Pronounced Dayn.
she's such a cute idea I had.

Faries! 8D

Character concepting.
Left: girl when she's 11-12 yrs. Right: when she's 15-16 yrs.

Friday, August 07, 2009

some more old stuff

We went to a games night back in ... May . While we didn't win any of the rounds we did however win the "best tablecloth".

This was the actual tablecloth. It took over my bed O_o;

and my contribution towards it. It's still hanging on my wall.

Close ups!
Out of all my drawings this guy got the most attension. Everyone loved him. I love him too, just about as much as the cheese we were eating at the time XD

Apparently we needed animals.

Then when we ran out of tablecloth we raided every other table and began to draw on coasters

Coaster fairys C: