Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fire Safty Rotoscope

my people are greeeeeeeeeeeen

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Arts from all over the joint

ART DUMP! Because I haven’t done one in ages.

Self portrait.
I need a haircut.
What chu lookin` at?

Practise attempt at digital painting
did the greyscale and overlaid some colours. I really like the tree and bush.

Miscellaneous sketches from my little sketchbook
The Mermaid was inspired by Tim's take on the children's storybook assignment we had to do for Jane

A while back I dug up a scrap sheet of paper from 2006 with one of my first ideas for an animated short (inspired after a night of bush dancing). Dug around even further in my digital archives to find some of the original concepts I did back then. Then redrew the characters. I forgot their cowboy hats.
Adding the idea to the growing list of possibles for next years major animation project. Though chances are it'll be waaaay to much to pull off. Maybe one day...

What I love about Animation is...
My 2D project from Terry's class back in term 2.
Found over at my deviantArt. Finally put a load bar on it :/

I also finished that Comic page from that post I made about Google SketchUp. Can be found here.

HRA ep13. Disney's Tangled

I happened to stumble upon some neat behind the scenes stuff from Disney's upcoming movie Tangled (aka Rapunzel).

There are some high rez stills, promotional artwork, character model sheets and concept art.

Wither you're looking forward to this film or not, I think it's well worth a look. There is some beautiful artwork. Here's hoping they'll release an "Art of ..." book alongside the movie.

There's even a new trailer =]


Saturday, September 04, 2010

Google Sketchup in use

Having had Google SketchUp installed on my computer for some time now I decided it was time to use it. Or at least try to. So I decided to mock up the latest setting for my comic TEAM ZiNE and see how it could help.

Welcome to Bobby's house. I only really needed the living room but once I got the hang of everything I went ahead and started to map out the rest of the house floor plan. Chances are I'll never finish it, but that's alright. I don't need the rest of the house.

Anyway that's the result of 3-ish hours of messing about. I may continue to use it. I found it extremely useful in planning the layout, figuring out perspectives and which camera angles did and did not work.

comic comparison

On the official Google page for it there are some galleries of what can be produced through SketchUp. I think its well worth a look at if you have the chance.