Friday, August 20, 2010

The floating 3d object

Even more Max

Mid Pose and End pose

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Completely forgot I had some art to put with the last post. So here we are:

My representation of my brain.
All Photoshop vectors. Pulled off in 2 hours
and a zoomed version of the brain part because it's probably too hard to read some of the small stuff.

Possible new character? Not 100% sure yet. Was inspired when the thought crossed my mind that all our characters are more or less 'a love child concieved by our brain'. The idea of having a cute-as-a-button child-like character who was aware of this was too hard to resist.
Her name is Imagine (im-a-gine)

Highly Recomended Animation. ep.12

So with my important hand bunged up and one heck of a nasty a headache that's borderline 'sick' (but refuses to take the extra step to cross that line and be it) I spent my day goofing off, trying not to be bored (because I can't draw/colour/hold the freaking tablet pen) and researching military ranks and stuff.

Somehow amongst my researching I stumbled upon a videos.

The first is a preview of the Rooster Teeth popular machinima series Red Vs Blue, in animated form.

From a fan point of view, I enjoyed it immensely. I laughed at their ideas-that-were-good-at-the-time and all that happened because of them. From an animators point of view, I loved almost all of it. To me some of the animation looked abit stiff, or at least that bit at the beginning while they stood there and talked looked it. Otherwise I quite enjoyed the timing with their gags. Specifically when Church was attached to the rocket.

Anyway. I looked around to see if I could find any more details regarding further development into a series but everything I found was conflicting. One places said it was being developed another said the entire project had been dropped while a third said it wasn't going to be animated like this any more. Ah wells.

If anything I kinda like the idea of it going animated like this. Maybe one day it will continue further.

And here's another video I found. I think it's the early animation of a 3rd year CalArts animation student's film.
I'd like to say, 'I loved how it went' but I am yet to see the end. I did however enjoy watching the rough pencil animation.

In other animation news...

Fast Lane Entertainment have teaming up with Mad Cow Pictures, an Australian Sydney based animation company, and are currently in production of an animated film called "Trouble Down Under". It's due for release in 2012 which only means one thing. Potential jobs ;)
Second years may appreciate that more than us firsties.

Friday, August 06, 2010

60Fourty ninjaness. part II

So I've almost finished my entry for the Sixty40 Proto-Ninja animation competition. Got 3 and a half scenes left to go. Aiming to have it finished by Sunday evening. Wish me luck :)

look here's half a scene

Oh No - Anticipation

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Animation In Games

I enjoy a good video game, as I'm sure most do. I enjoy them even more when there's some great animation (I've bought plenty a game and played it only for the pretty animation and story). I happened to stumble upon the Opening Cinematic of Lionhead Studios upcoming game, Fable III.

I'd like to take the time to admit that the ending tugged hard at my heartstrings. Though that could just be from Zoƫ Wanamaker's narration.

I'm actually looking forward to the game now :/
With some luck the actual game will have good enough graphics to match.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

PuzzleBox - Come join the fun!

An OC Tournament with a Twist

Hello everyone!
And Welcome!

Icy (the Quiz Master), myself and Skylar would like to officially announce that PuzzleBox is up and ready to go. In other words, Applications are officially open for submission!

How do you enter? What do you do? What is this PuzzleBox place? You ask, well it’s quite simple.

First off, it's an OC tournament of a different kind. We don’t make people go battle each other in potentially life threatening duels. That’s so last century. Instead in each round we will present you with puzzles.

Oh puzzles, you say, that’s easy!

But my friends, it’s not that easy. We’re not looking for conventional answers. We’re quite insane ourselves. What we’re looking for, and for you to pass each round, is the most creative and unconventional solutions possible. So really only the most creative ideas will pass to the next round.

At some stages of course you will stumble across your competition and have to race to see who will pass through to the next round. But we’ll discuss that in full detail when the time comes.

We’re also a comic thing. So grab your most artist look thinking cap and be prepared to tell a great story.

Now how do you enter? Where do you start?

It’s quite easy actually, just fill out our lovely application and you’re partway there but don’t forget to read the rules and guidelines. They’re there for a reason.



After your application is approved, you need to submit an audition comic. A brief outline has been provided in the rules and guidelines of the application, explaining how your character has come across our lovely tournament. The rest then is up to you.

And lastly Deadlines! Because every good contest has them.
Seeing as we plan to host a most unusual tournament we’ve decided to split the deadlines for the Application and the Audition Comic.

The Application deadline is the 29th August.
The Audition Comic deadline is the 5th September.

There will be a countdown on the groups front page, so keep an eye on it.

So go forth! Tell your friends, your family, strangers on the street! That we're here and we're ready to see how far outside the box you and your thinking can go.