Monday, July 11, 2011

Mytho Logique

Stumbled upon this beautiful little french student film quite by accident.
The website is full of concept stuff. Including designs, storyboard samples & color script.

Mytho Logique is a full-cg animation short film, directed by 5 students during their last year at ESMA (Montpellier, southern France) : Jessica Ambron, Amandine Aramini, Alexandre Belbari, Guillaume Poitel et Yannick Vincent. The short film was finished in september 2010.

Below are the film and behind the scenes.

Directed by J. Ambron, A. Aramini, A. Belbari, G. Poitel and Y. Vincent.
ESMA students short film, originally made in stereo 3D.
More info on

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