Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rough animation - Broken - SC04

I didn't quite do what was asked of last monday, however here is the rough character animation of the 2 scenes I've been working on this week.
The second one is just the first pass at the animation. Still gotta go through and do a detailed pass.


  1. Scheree this is so natural, believable and really good! You hooked me in right away with the movement without any finished artwork. I love what you did with the first footballer, it gives the scene interest and texture plus the depth in the first shot is good....I really think that the first short animation you did last year was such a good thing to's really pushed your work into a naturalness /believability of movement now. Keep going no matter what! Sorry Frank for butting in , but I'll get sidetracked later. I really hope you keep going with your video logs too, it's a shame you felt you had to make them private but I think I understand why. This is such a crucial time for yourself and your whole class to keep going and so keep doing the great work, it's so enjoyable to see your progression and the hard yards and focus that are paying off for you in the development of your work!

  2. Nice work Scheree. Michelle has given you some good inspirational feedback. You could add a 'take', with the focus on anticipation, when the ball hits the ground for the first time. Also the spacing on the wonderful backward moving footsteps could get shorter as the character eases to a stop. Remond me to frame-by-frame through the ruff tests with you in class. It is nice work and I hope you experiment and test ideas based on the animation principles to find ways to generate more appeal.

  3. These are looking great Scheree, the animation is so solidly drawn. Looking forward to seeing more. :)